We have worked in Schools since 2001 and understand their particular requirements. Schools are different to commercial premises, we look after over 100 School Sites and have gained a knowledge of the special needs Schools have. Our engineers are DBS checked for your peace of mind.

We offer flexible working arrangements to accommodate the school day. Large installations can be scheduled for Holidays and smaller servicing and remedial jobs can be done out of hours.

Location of external plant has to be carefully considered to ensure this does not conflict with the School environment. Positioning of internal units and controllers also has to be thought about to ensure the best solution is found.

Many Schools have requested ACEA Air Conditioning Energy Assessment TM44 Inspections to ensure they are using their air con in the most efficient way and to comply with the regulations that these inspections must be carried every 5 years on equipment with an effective output of 12 kw or more at one site.

We are able to provide presentation packs for you to pass on to the Governing Body and other staff members.

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