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R22 refrigerant has been banned since 2014
Refrigerant change and equipment service – Special price for a limited time only.
You do not have to replace your refrigerant today but the law does not allow us to work on your system with the old refrigerant.
Ask us to change your refrigerant;
• Save up to 50% on the cost of replacing your R22 equipment
• Reduce energy consumption by up to 40%
• Free consultation from the R22 replacement experts
For more details on your R22 replacement options contact our office and speak to our technical team by;
Email: sales@eaglesystems.co.uk or Tel: 020 8441 2370.

  • 100% Tax Deductable (Kyoto-ECA)


  • Air Conditioning Energy Assessments – All companies using over 12 KW of air conditioning capacity, are required to have an energy efficiency assessment by law under the ‘Energy Performance of Buildings (England and Wales) Regulations 2012 – Air Conditioning Units’ regulations.
  • TM44 Inspections, assessments and registration for new installations are carried out by Eagle Systems engineers.
  • Main requirements in relation to air conditioning units are, all air conditioning systems with an effective rated output of more than 12kw must be regularly inspected by an energy assessor, and the inspections must be no more than 5 years apart.
  • From 6th April 2012, it became a statutory requirement for the energy assessor to lodge all air conditioning inspection reports on the central non-domestic register. When the report is lodged it will be allocated a unique report reference number. Only air conditioning reports which were produced and lodged on the central register from this date are valid reports. Air conditioning reports produced before 6th April 2012 may have been lodged on the central register on a voluntary basis. However, there is no statutory requirement for a valid air conditioning inspection report, which was produced before this date to be lodged on the central register.
  • All air conditioning installations since 6th April 2012 are recorded by the authority so it is important that the 5 yearly assessments are carried out- you have a legal obligation to do so.